Gabolin Run


  • Jump by touching the screen
  • If you touch it again while falling, it will struggle and jump.However, once you do this, the character will get tired
  • When the character touches the tori-i, he will warp!
  • When the character touches the torii, he will warp!
  • Take as many coins and stars as possible to reach the goal!
  • Your score will be announced when you arrive at the goal. If you have a high score, please register it in the ranking!



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Get coins & run for the goal

This is a retro-style 2D side-view run game.

The object of the game is to collect as many coins as possible to reach the goal. However, there are many ways where you can go up and down , so find a path that will allow you to collect more coins.

Sometimes the stars you see in the game score much higher than the coins.

The torii-(Japanese shrine gate) are warp points, and touching them will take you to a different area. Depending on which tori-i you use, the path will be different, so look for the tori-i that you can get a lot of coins from.

There are some hidden passageways, so please look for them.

When you reach the goal, you’ll be notified of the points you’ve earned. When you get a high score, please register it in the ranking.

The game is over when you are pushed out of the screen by the forced scrolling or when you fall and go out of the screen. Please be careful, because the coins you got will be all gone.

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Music and sound effects were borrowed from this site



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