Keep Out


  • Directional keys - Input directional input and character movement
  • A button (X) - Determination, barrier ON/OFF
  • B button (Z) - Automatic continuous firing
  • Touch the screen (click) - shoot a bullet
  • START button (Enter) - Start and pause
  • Defend the city and destroy the enemies.



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Destroy the aliens & defend the city

An extraterrestrial appears out of nowhere. This is a game with a retro atmosphere to protect the city.

You attack the enemy with the turret, and protect the city with the barrier robot. It’s a bit complicated shooting game where you control two by yourself.


  • Destroy enemies by firing bullets in the direction touched by mouse or finger.
  • An enemy’s attack is prevented by operating the shield robot. You can control the Shieldbot by touching the circle in the lower left corner of the screen on a smartphone. On PC. It is controlled by AWDS.
  • Shield Robot can turn on/off its shield with the right mouse click or A button. Note that the shield will disappear when it is no longer active.
  • There are up to level 10 in the game. If the level goes up, the interval of appearance of the enemy becomes shorter and more difficult.
  • The game ends immediately when the turret is hit.
  • There is a bonus of 10,000 points for the number of buildings remaining at the end of level 10.
  • It doesn’t matter how many times the shield robots are hit, they’ll always appear, but the number of times they’re hit will be multiplied by -3000 points!


Music and sound effects were borrowed from these sites


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