Lights On


  • When you press a button, the color of the button and its up, down, left and right buttons change. Blue turns into red and red turns into blue.
  • Press the buttons to change colors so that the shape is the same as the diagram in the upper left corner. Press the buttons as you think about the combination!
  • If you can make it exactly the same as the one in the upper left, the stage is over!




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The puzzle game to turn on the light bulbs as instructed

Pressing a button reverses the color of the pressed button and the four buttons on the top, bottom, left, and right of that button. This is a modified version of the classic game called “Lights Out”.
The original idea was to make each button look like a light bulb and turn off all the light bulbs that were on. But in this game, you can turn on the light bulb in the same way as the diagram in the top left corner as the goal.
If you can turn on the light bulb the same way as in the top left diagram, it will flash like a disco light to celebrate!


Music and sound effects were borrowed from these sites


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