• Supports keyboards, gamepads, and virtual pads
  • Each left and right button moves left and right, and the A button moves up (see below for a detailed description of each device).
  • Save the aliens and return to the starting point to complete the stage!
  • All 15 stages
  • There is a problem with the response of the operation on the iPhone (we will fix it as soon as we figure out the cause)



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An action game to help the aliens in distress

A 2D side-view action game in the style of a retro game.

You have to rescue the aliens who are in trouble.

Control the spaceship well, get to the aliens and put them on it.

Since it is a rescue game, you need to return to the start point properly to clear the game, so please do your best.

There are 15 stages in total. The first stage is easy, but the last 3 stages are more difficult and the map is bigger, so it’s a bit hard to get through.

If you succeed, you can clear it in about 20 minutes.

Even if you make a mistake, the game is not over, so please try again and again.

How to operate each device

The game can be played with a keyboard, gamepad or virtual controller.

-For the keyboard

A・D key… Move left and right.
N key… up.
Enter… start and pause.


directional keys … Move left and right.
Press A …up.
Start…Start, pause.

-Virtual pad (on-screen button)

<>…Move left and right
^… Up

You can change the buttons on the menu for the keyboard and gamepad.

Gamepad only supports Chrome (both smartphone and PC work).

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