The Ugly Snakeling

how to play

  • Directional keys - Input directional input and character movement.
  • A button(X) - decision.
  • B button (Z) - no use.
  • START button (Enter) - Start and pause.
  • Take all the food in the stage and return to the den.



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Eating order is the key to solve the puzzle

Control the wobbly snake and feed it the food that falls on the screen. The longer you eat the food, the longer snake’s body will be.If it hits your body, the game is over.
The game is cleared when you return to the den after eating all the food on the screen. The game is over when there is leftover food.
If you don’t think about the order in which you eat, you may not be able to eat all of them.


Music and sound effects were borrowed from these sites


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