The Way To The Toilet


  • The objective of the game is to go to the toilet.
  • A button to attack, B button to jump.
  • Keyboard supports WASD, N, M and Enter.
  • The game is over when the life in the upper left corner is gone.



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Sometimes in life, going to the bathroom can be a fight for your life!

Sometimes even just going to the bathroom is like hell!

In this game, follow the path, you’ll eventually reach the toilet. But that’s only if you’re still alive!

You can beat up anyone who gets in your way, just press A to punch them!



WASD is for direction, N for punch, M for jump, and Enter for start & pause. Buttons can be changed in the menu.


Use buttons on the screen. You can play in portrait or landscape whichever you prefer.


Xbox-like gamepad are supported. A for punch, B for jump. Buttons can be changed in the menu.

I’ve also posted this game on It would be great if you could support me.


BGM and sound effects are borrowed from this site.


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