Virtual pad

An action game where you have to find the toilet. This time it's a maze!
Sometimes even just going to the bathroom is like hell!
rescue the aliens who are in trouble
A nostalgic retro game where you place bombs and defeat enemies with explosions. Defeating all enemies will clear the stage.
A game where you aim for the goal at the top of the screen to avoid getting caught in the blocks. If you get caught in blocks...
A retro-style vertical shooting game. You'll feel nostalgic as the enemies move around in a unique way.
Space Invaders style game. It seems that some mysterious aliens have attacked the city and you have to take them out.
Control the wobbly snake and feed it the food that falls on the screen
A game that leads the poor soul to love. You can only go straight forward until you hit a wall. 10 stages in total.
A shooting game where you shoot enemies while protecting the city. It's difficult because you have to control two of them at the same time by one person.
Shooting game where you shoot down enemies coming from all directions in 360 degrees.